Boris Bushinsky was born in 1971 in Zitomir, Ukraine.

He studied Art studies in 1985-1990 at the Art College in Simferopol, Ukraine, graduated with many awards.

Made alyah to Jerusalem in 1991 and started to work for the Arta Gallery.

His inspiration comes essentially from the holy city of Jerusalem. He deeply loves Jerusalem, and it is obvious that Boris possesses sensitivity for the elements of the city, The Kotel (Western Wall), David Tower, Jaffo gate etc..

In addition of his acrylic works , Boris developed an innovative method of kinetic paintings, his original works have a unique effect: as one looks at them from different angles they change constantly.

The works of Boris are displayed in various collections throughout the world, attesting his exceptional talent, his works can be found in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Japan.